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    Banging my Rita and wrapping her a round my ball string.

    I am a lover of polls however I decided to delete them as it was hard to keep up with them I do however still have the poll/topic who should return to rlc?

    I am slowly falling in love with Desiree her meat is my lunch yum yum

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  1. Hi Scotsman


    Another thing that pissed me off with the forum is the newbies they talk you down like your nothing i mean we are the law around here who do they think they are and what happened to all the mods around here everything seems to have gone downhill since i left

    1. dougiestyle4u


      Welcome Back, Sir. Now you are talking. Newbies took over since the mods disappeared or gave up. Newbies and Barca talk control the chat. Old timers gave up and walked away completely or only make appearances in the forums or log in to check the daily happenings.

  2. Think we have welcomed back about a million girls by now lol.
  3. I know why it is boring i looked on the Chatbox 24/7 and i know what was happening that's why i didn't turn up for the last 2 years.
  4. I was the King of the Forum and everybody knows it i just wasn't on the Chatbox for the last couple of years because everything became so boring but that's what i really was the King of the Chatbox.
  5. If it was to start a fight i would say Efim he looks like a cocky cunt , to win a fight i would say Sasha he looks like a tough guy tough hairy guy lmao.
  6. I don't think having a second chat room is really the problem the problem is no one chats on it it is mainly because most of the old timers have gone or they don't turn up which is why i fell out of love with it in the first place that and RLC it's self.
  7. Rob1

    World Cup

    But you gotta remember it is the host con the hosts win it most of the time it was the only time we won it in 66 but i suppose you gotta be a good team to win the World Cup. The Russians should forget playing football and just let the Women play around with their balls it is the only thing they are good at pmsl.
  8. Cyberleader and Scotsman you mite be proud that you keep winning the day on the forum thing but let me tell you something brother the only reason why you do is because you are the only 2 that post on the forum lol.
  9. Yeah and i could stay of RLC for 2 hole years which effectively i have and i still know they haven't lesbian fucked each other.
  10. BREAKING NEWS I Just found out why all the Russian Apartments have gone because Russia didn't win the World Cup.
  11. Yeah and they didn't have a Chatbox until they copied us but to be fair we copied them to by designing our forum exactly like CamCaps lmao.
  12. Don't mean to sound racist but if you see me in person i don't look nothing like him lol.
  13. As i said in my last post about bloody time there is to many apartments still not a fan of having 3 or 4 people to a apartment or the girls apartment because it became fake and the Single Apartment with Maya it wasn't Maya herself because i really liked Maya it was the Single Apartments i didn't like i am basic i like the couple apartments probably because that's how it was when i first started watching i still liked the girls apartment before it became fake like i said.
  14. Man what tits she has got tits they are as good as my Rita's great body to.
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