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    I am a lover of polls however I decided to delete them as it was hard to keep up with them I do however still have the poll/topic who should return to rlc?

    I am slowly falling in love with Desiree her meat is my lunch yum yum

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  1. Yeah well some people like seeing fake lesbian stuff hoping something will happen which it never will RLC isn't simplely what it says on the tin anymore REAL LIFE that's why most members on the site it's self have gone off it and most members have gone off it on RLCF and by the way Scorpio i like seeing the couple apartments that's when RLC was really good instead of seeing these single apartments,girl apartments and tenants returning as i said before that is why RLC has gone down hill.
  2. You say RLC won't last that long i am very surprised it is still here now i thought the site would of gone by now it is absolutely rubbish i still say the girls apartment was the reason for it RLC was at a all time high when the girls wasn't around RLC will probably try to hold out for as long as Big Brother until it loses all it's viewers.
  3. Great Topic Cyberleader there is nothing better then a Woman sleeping naked especially if she is right next to you a shame you can't do one for RLC because of the pics being removed but if you could you should place it in the General Discussion Board.
  4. I was just looking on the Topic Kitty on General Discussion and i think i know why Nina and Kira are now on Voyeur-House is it because all the Russian Apartments shut down if that is the case then that explains why Leora has been relocated to Czech Rep.
  5. The girls apartment is to blame for it turning into a Porn Site.
  6. Bush Basher 1 and Bush Basher 2
  7. It's good to see you have created the majority of the Fan Pages since i have been away. Good job Mikeusa.
  8. No but it killed the Glass.
  9. Rob1

    Leora's First Visitor

    Course we have a vivid imagination we all love Pussy and of course we all have a vivid imagination over Women we all love Women on here i think accept for the Female Members and the only guy i really liked on here was Sasha oh my he is like God he is one hairy dude.
  10. Rob1

    Leora's First Visitor

    The only Orgy she will be having is with her own Pussy.
  11. So by drag on do you think she will be on as long as Leora because no body will be on it as long as Leora lol. Mind you i wouldn't mind if she was on it as long as Leora i love seeing her Tits and Ass it gets boring seeing Leora's Pussy all the time no disrespect to her Pussy i love Pussy.
  12. Rob1

    Fan Pages

    Hi Guys. I would like to ask what has happened to the Fan Pages , Fan Pages are built for Pictures and not just Posts but i don't see hardly any Pictures on the Fan Pages now and no disrespect to Cyberleader and Scotsman because they are great posters but there is more Pictures on Voyeur-House then on RLC it's self that is more like a Fan Page. Plus one other thing Fan Pages are also built for is being a true Fan hence the reason why they are called Fan Pages so if there are any disrespectful Posts on the Fan Pages and there isn't a true Fan on the Fan Page there posts will be removed.
  13. Rob1

    New Moderators

    Scorpio you love testing me don't you can't you just be happy there is another Mod around again lol. Being serious as CyberLeader said we have to hear both sides of the story before making a decision.
  14. Rob1

    New Moderators

    Them three names you put forward are the three members i would love to have on my team they are loyal Members and original Members i can trust i have to discuss this with Stncld and Admin. And yeah i agree with you i did fuck off for 2 years but that was only because of how boring this site has become and the only reason why Admin made me Mod again is because i am trusted,i have done it before and i know what i am doing SIMPLE.
  15. I was looking back at theses comments and it made me laugh how much a lot of you guys hated My Rita think it made me like her even more to wind you guys up , so when i appeared online talking about My Rita i bet you guys was like here goes Rob1 again lol.
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