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  1. Have no idea what you are talking about since i haven't watched rlc for a while but is Alex Irma's boyfriend? if so i look forward to the day when irma gets fucked and i see them big tits swinging about while she gets fucked lmao. Alex sounds like a familiar name is it the same Alex that was with Lera or a different Alex?. Not meaning to sound bent but there is nothing better then a dick going inside big tits pmsl.
  2. Please be respectful and only post positive comments Welcome Rosemary
  3. I think i am done with rlc and rlcf all together and no it is not because i am no longer mod i did enjoy being mod but that is not the real reason. The main reasons are. all the veterans of rlcf are gone. Hardly no one is on the chatbox anymore it used to be fun but now it isn't. The fake girls apartments is one of the reasons i don't watch rlc anymore. Think i will join the long list of veterans to depart rlc and rlcf i will still try to help out with the fan pages like i always do apart from that i am done with rlc and rlcf. Thank you guys for the fun,laughs,jokes and entertainment. I might be back guys we will see. Bye Guys
  4. I quite like VH it is much better then VV which is a porn site VH is nothing like a porn site it is more like rlc then VV , VH is a good replacement for rlc as i have completely falling out with rlc and don't like the direction it is going in the girls apartment is the main reason for this , the girls apartment has made the site more like a porn site and i hate the fake lesbian teasing that they do. If you are bored of rlc and looking for a new site i suggest this one.
  5. Never known someone to charge up their arse so what happens when she hits 100% she explodes lmao.
  6. Shockingly i have slowly started to like VV lol.
  7. Irma must be creaming herself now she has got some fresh pussy to eat thing is tho being they are twins will she be eating the same pussy lmao.
  8. First time we have had twins in the girls apartment this should be interesting.
  9. Please be respectful and only positive comments Welcome Estelle
  10. Well looks like i was wrong , RLC must of been listening to me again lol.
  11. Like i said before RLC is turning into a porn site with all the fake lesbian teasing that is going on and all the camming which they are doing for attention , this site is slowly turning into VV and we don't want that to happen all this happening is enough to put you off the site i signed up for voyeur not porn. So for now i vote unsure but it is very slowly turning into a porn site. If you go to the old school topic you can see by my comments i am much more in love with the old school then the new school that's for sure.
  12. Here is the couples that was on RLC when i first started watching it. LEORA AND PAUL ALINA AND ANTON MAYA AND STEPAN NORA AND KIKO ISABEL AND MARCELO ALMA AND STEFAN KATYA AND RUSLAN That was when RLC was good. Amazingly Leora and Paul and Maya and Stepan are still around they are the only couples left from when i first started watching RLC.
  13. Yeah you won't see much tits and pussy from Nora because she is the leader she needs to be respectable lol , only Kiko gets to see that everyday lol.
  14. Old school was better no doubt , that was when no fake rubbish or teasing was going on now a days that seems to happen all the time and it was also better just having the standard apartments without the premium apartments because that is where most of the fake lesbian teasing and fake rubbish is happening take the premium apartments away you would have a completely different and better project. By the way nice pictures Scotsman brings back some great memories and that 1st Pic i did have in my gallery you must of stole it from my gallery lol.
  15. I am probably stating the obvious but i believe overwiev in England means overview lol.
  16. Yeah i knew Julia & Eric was in Czech Republic as i just said but i didn't know Vanessa & Thomas and Elisa & Fima are in Czech Republic.
  17. I think this is why Admin changed it because i tell you want when i was mod i deleted a hell of a lot of silly posts it makes it easier for Admin and the other mods to do stuff now this silly rule is out of the window.
  18. I knew m&s was in Italy i have always said that because they have got the Italian flag up in their living room but everybody was saying they are from Russia. I never knew 3 couples are from Czech Republic i thought it was just the 1 that being Julia & Eric.
  19. Balls (Basically all balls are banned from my living room Big Balls,Little Balls,Tiny Balls,Baby Balls,White Balls,Brown Balls,Ed Balls,Black Balls and the worst type Blue Balls) but i will allow you guys to have a game of football with me they are the only Balls i like.
  20. I don't know where you found this but that's a pretty nice picture it's even got some of the countries of some of the tenants so people won't get mixed up anymore. Have anyone noticed there is no countries on the premium apartments? Maybe that is the great prize of being premium so you don't know what country they come from lol.
  21. What did one lesbian frog say to the other? “You know, we do taste like chicken!” A lesbian slept with 13 women in one night and suddenly died. At her autopsy it was discovered she had died from a crack overdose. Did you hear about the lesbian who took too much Viagra? She couldn’t get her tongue back into her mouth for over a week! What do you call 25 lesbians stacked on top of each other?A block of flaps! Why did the lesbo stick a potato up her vagina?So her girlfriend could enjoy some chips with her fish. What do you call lesbian twins? Lick-a-likes. What do you call a lesbian who fell asleep tanning? Fried fish.
  22. Is Leora seriously still on rlc? all i can say is get on with you life love and when you leave rlc make sure when you shake a man's hand you haven't had your hand on your pussy pmsl.
  23. This fan page is the most less talked about fan page in history i can't blame you guys really i mean who wants to see Elvis dick in Sabrina's pussy lmao , Even Sabrina banging her pussy against SugarBonnie is a much greater prize then the gift of Elvis lol.
  24. You wouldn't think it has been 2 years since Nora was last on rlc being she is such a leader you would of thought she come back sooner lol. But her having the babies probably delayed the return i am pretty sure she had babies?.
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