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  1. Ooops... well, id guess that pseudonym is as close to her real name as Leona is, but ok... censoring my post^^
  2. lol **** *****, nice to see her @ B2
  3. Id rather have 5 mins of Gina than 24h of something unwatchable.
  4. No idea where did you get that but being from eastern europe i can tell you "strong" features are far from typical for that part of the world. Other than that i agree with you, i love the twins, i think they are gorgeous as a whole package, and i will (like many others) miss them.
  5. Awwww Juicica left, a sad day indeed. Come back soon, Jess, we be waiting for you!
  6. Not much to add to Cowarts excellent guide, just maybe the fact you can sometimes tell them apart just by their personality, Mia being the happy-face laidback character while Lia - more serious and formal. That said Lia likes to tease too, like yesterday when she did tha butterfly thing with her legs and even touched her pussy a little
  7. Twins have been amazingly naked and sexy lately...almost given me a heart attack. Can't care less about the *fakeness*
  8. Jess' nude workout tonight was the best show ever! Thank you so much Jess!! <3<3<3<3<3
  9. Awww she left... Miss her badly already <3
  10. Good Bye Elisa. You'll be sorely missed Hope this isnt a Farewell and we will see you again some day @ Girls appartment, in a BETTER COMPANY this time
  11. omg irma+elisa could have been great but we get irma instead of elisa...such a BS dont suppose even irma would be able to do anything with the likes of vika & rita around
  12. that literally made me rofl : )
  13. Her bannana bating show tonight was the cutest thing ever. Amen
  14. Hmm i dont really recall ever having to swiftly switch cams because ewwwwww - some block's jerkin off. Well that MAY have something to do with me watching just Girls App / Kami& Kristy ... lol But seriously, i never seen male masturbation, which is kinda wierd honestly as obviously its us males who are the usual suspects when it comes to bating
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