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  1. I have always thought that if they put more effort into recruiting true extreme exhibitionists and here I'm using Leora as an example again, mostly because she fits the bill so well, the end product would work for both the voyeur and the ones who just like it for the porn aspect. To my mind it seems like they are recruiting too many people that are in it for the free ride and have no real interest in showing off. Another couple comes to mind, Nelly and Bogdan, I truly believe they enjoyed being watched as much a we enjoyed viewing them, and as a couple they excelled at showing off, both making love and just sitting around the house. Catering I'm sure to both types of viewer. VHTV has a lot of the free ride types, women that lay with their legs open to the camera with their hand hovering somewhere near but probably never touching anything, casually watching TV or some show on their phones. that makes them some money I guess, but doesn't cater very well to ether voyeur or pornaphile. If they were actually turned on and came to orgasm in a realistic fashion it could please everyone. So I'm thinking better selective recruitment would go a long way to improve all the sites.
  2. Carmen was pretty drunk I think, I hope she didn't hurt herself jamming that bottle up her vag 😯
  3. These two and another girl were house sitting at Lisa and Grants a few weeks ago. I'm thinking they have a polyamorous relationship, I could be wrong but that would be an interesting turn of events. I would really like to know the story behind Monsoons tattooed face. Not judging just curious. Anyway the girls are very attractive, very nice to see them here.
  4. Thank you Rhodie for your response. I don't have a RLC subscription, at least not anymore. I have a VHTV subscription though. But that wasn't the point of the post. I'm just trying to get people talking about how it could be improved if they were calling the shots. Hoping that the management of the various sites might have someone reading this and perhaps take something from it, in short I'm looking for your input. Really not trying to start more arguing, just some constructive conversation. TLDR: Do you think giving the participants incentives for page views is ruining true voyeurism and should be changed? If so how?
  5. Seems like Archi favors missionary, too much for me. I wish he would let her ride him more so we can see that amazing body in action. Too much man-ass and I'm out. lol I think the thick brown girl just comes over to use their bandwidth for camming and her friend is there for moral support. In any case, I like them all sizes as long as they still have a figure. "the more cushion, the better the pushin" as they say. 😛
  6. I've been watching RLC off and on since maybe 2015, subscribed for a few months until I had problems with Segpay. I do remember a point a few years back when it was pretty much only Leora doing teases directly for the camera. The rest of the couples just did there regular thing, but at some point they all started doing stuff directed to the camera, at which point I figured RLC started giving some kind of incentive for page views. I believe this was the point were as people here have said "real voyeurism ended" then all the new web sites popped up and they were doing the same thing. I believe Voyeur- villa was the first before all the rest. My point here being: to get back the real voyeurism aspect of theses sites you would need to get rid of all incentives for getting people to watch them and go back to just hanging out and living their lives. I don't think that will happen, financial gain has become a key part of the industry. I see a lot of people here, angry at the way things have changed. I would like to get some discussion going here as to what people feel about this issue. Am I completely off base here? What would you like to see change? If you could make a new site what would you make it into? I for one kind of like the way it is, if only they could tone it down a bit, less group sex and fake masturbation or like I like to call it "mock-turbation" lol Just be real, but do it naked! I don't personally mind them being on CB or MFC (way less latency and better close up views) In a perfect world they shouldn't need to. the web site should just pay them more so they can go about their lives, but I don't think that will happen. If camming keeps them on, then more power to them. What do you as the viewer want to see? Lets talk about it sensibly and maybe the site owners will read this a get some ideas.
  7. I think it would be much more interesting, if that dude wasn't wandering around sniffing all the girls behinds. LOL
  8. Both their MFC and the flirt4free profiles say they are in Estonia, so maybe if they really are out of Russia, they might come back to RLC, just a thought.
  9. Really dig her tight little Latina body 😛
  10. To each his own. I'm pretty sure we all want similar things, but none of us want the exact same thing. I personally like the "pornyness" of VHTV and feel justified in paying the monthly fee for it. If you don't that's fine too. I can see how it would be irritating to have an itch that can't be scratched, as it were. The VHTV forum is probably not the best place to complain about it though. Maybe the frustrations board would be a better place.
  11. I wouldn't be so hard on them for trying to make a living. I'm not sure what kind of compensation RLC provided them, but there life must be way different now then when they were on RLC and given the fact that they must be exhibitionists to have lasted so long, it's logical that they would return to something their used to, being in the limelight, and I'm not sure why you think being a "camgirl" is so horrible anyway, it's an honest way of making a living. Shit I would do it, if I wasn't so fugly and a girl I guess. LOL
  12. https://chaturbate.com/hotbitchdevil/ Tiny little redhead, really cute. Would be nice to see them back on VHTV. They do the boss scenario and also he dresses like a repairman and she teases him, it's of course all fake role playing. I would actually rather just see her laying spread eagle on a bed. 😛
  13. Agree totally every time I watch them fuck, his fat ass makes me turn the channel. lol
  14. I'm not defending them here, but I just want to mention that they are broadcasting on Chaturbate when they do this. I don't think they are trying to actually fool anyone and I don't think it's for VHTV viewers benefit but people tipping them on Chaturbate. I can't tell what their saying so have no idea what roleplaying their doing. It's not something I'm really interested in, I just like a peek at the 2 girls and then I'm off elsewhere as soon as something better is going on. It is part of their daily routine, so in a way it is reality, your just watching them doing a job, nothing more. link to their chaturbate account: https://chaturbate.com/rrr1995/
  15. I blame it on all the porn with themed scenarios. You know like "I fucked my step sister" or "My step dad gave it to me good" lol, You know what I talking about? There is a ton of it out there. There is another retired VHTV cam girl on CB that is always doing: "Shhh I'm at work and my boss is right behind me" kind of thing. You can't really blame them (Even if it is a little retarded) there is a shit load of people on CB and it seems like it would be tough to stand out in the crowd.
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