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  1. StnCld316

    Fan Page Kamila

    She's no where near as great as she was when she first began on RLC.
  2. StnCld316

    Fan Page Elisa and Fima

    They could always squeeze Nora & Kiko in there. I shouldn't have said that. I may have given RLC an idea.
  3. StnCld316

    Mila & Noah

    Topic for Mila & Noah. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  4. StnCld316

    VHtv General Chat

    VHTV has assured they will be an English Speaking Couple.
  5. StnCld316

    tech help

    I know they shouldn't have anything to do with Past Tenants posting of Pictures but they like to still intervene. So might as well keep the images on Third Party Hosts for RLC then we don't get their ridiculous DMCA Takedown Orders Even though the Image is of Irma but from another entity of her work RLC will still order a Takedown of the Image. They figure they own her even though she hasn't been with the RLC Project in well over a Year. Chances are she'll never be back on RLC since she has already had 4 Tours.
  6. StnCld316


    That's what Forums Strive on is Speculation. If the whole thing is not known just add a little twist to the comment.