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  1. StnCld316

    Fan Page Kamila

    That could possibly be.
  2. StnCld316

    Fan Page Kamila

    The end of an era could possibly be in the works for the 3 K's. We'll see what progresses tomorrow.
  3. Apartment Topic for Sonya & Clint. Link to this Apartment: https://lifeundercam.com/ Pictures Can Be Uploaded Directly to RLCF if Feature is Available
  4. StnCld316

    Cam Girl Fails

    I don't she was expecting it either. Shit Happens.
  5. StnCld316

    VHtv General Chat Part #2

    To what I have heard so far VHTV is in the midst of getting these Tenants Relocated out of the Ukraine. Now I can see why RLC has never ever placed Apartments in the Ukraine. They always bring the Ukrainian Girls to Barcelona.
  6. StnCld316

    VHtv General Chat Part #2

    Apartments affected over this are: Garik & Lyubava (Realm 49) Viki & Kate (Realm 7) Viktoria & Adolf (Realm 46) Hunter & Piper (Realm 13) Chris & Dana (Realm Claus & Angelica (Realm 4) Kathy & Molly (Realm 2) Clara & Stas (Realm 1)
  7. StnCld316

    Tenants before Leora & Paul

    RLC was better back in the Old Day. They should go back that way where it's just couples. Drop these Dime a Dozen Barcelona Girls and get back to the Real Life Theme instead of Cock Teasing.
  8. StnCld316

    Fan Page Lia & Mia

    Twins are similar to being Greek. One can't leave the others behind.
  9. This is One Apartment that wouldn't be missed if it were to close. This Apartment hasn't been much of a success.
  10. StnCld316

    Fan Page Emilia

    Emilia has Departed.
  11. StnCld316

    Fan Page Malena

    Malena has Departed.
  12. StnCld316

    Fan Page Diane

    Diane has Returned for another Tour.
  13. StnCld316

    Riley & Cornelius

    Riley has now joined Cornelius.
  14. StnCld316

    Clair & Patrik

    After a Very Long Hiatus, Clair & Patrik are back online.