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  1. When you receive a PM as such you should have Reported the Post. Whatever is said in a PM is supposed to stay in a PM. That's why it's called Private Messaging and does not conform with bringing it out into Public Forum view for the whole world to know about what happened in a PM conversation. It's in a Court of Law you have to have the proof before one can be tried and convicted. The same applies in a PM. Provide the evidence to state your case or whatever was said does not stand. That's why there are Report Buttons in the Top Right Hand Top Corner of each and every post whether it be in Open Forum or Private Messaging Boards that way the claim can be investigated The same applies in the Chat Box if there is unnecessary disruption or any nefarious nature right click the offending chat comments made and click the Repot Button. Then that gives Admins or Moderators the timestamp of the offending comments and can be investigated by looking at the Chat Log Archive.
  2. There has been a minor change in the Moderators. Rob1 has been made a Moderator again. Rob1 will be taking the place of Toolmaker which has not been around for a few months. Welcome Back Rob1 to the Moderation Team.
  3. Topic for Khloe & Creed. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  4. The one with the Tattoo on the upper left back shoulder. In the Last Image on Page 1 you can see it.
  5. Voyeur Villa has taken the Cam Girl Route. Something along the same line as Chaturbate but run by Bonga Cams.
  6. They finally made it to VHTV. 👍
  7. Ary & George are Back Online. There is to be No Media Information Posted (Pictures & Videos). Comments Only in this Board. Thanks
  8. There is a New Apartment Topic for Leora in the Main Forum RLC Forums.
  9. Fan Page for Leora Since this is a New Apartment, Please Keep the Subject Matter to the Current Surroundings. If you want to talk about the Old Apartment Please do it in the Topic already in the Archives. Thanks.
  10. This needs a little bit of Monty Python.
  11. Not many times Paul does anything with her anyways. He gets his dick sucked once a week and he's content.
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