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  1. Cadon has now been added in this Apartment with Courtney.
  2. This Apartments Tenants are from the Former Spygasm Site so there will likely be a few that come and go on a monthly basis.
  3. That hasn't happened. VHTV and VV are still Broadcasting from their Russian Apartments. The thing what Putin Signed into Law won't take effect until November when they Disconnect from the WWW if it even materializes.
  4. LUC will be back they are just going through some issues encountered and they are also doing a Site Upgrade which will include many more Apartments than what the Site currently shows that are Currently sitting Offline. Management has assured they'll be returning but just never Specified a Time Frame as to when that will be. Spygasm their Site is finished to what I am aware of. Spygasm was run by the Cam Site Bongacams. When Spygasm ceased operating we received a Notice to Remove all Content. For RLC I have not heard anything as to what happened and why. Many have Contacted Support but as always RLC is Mute.
  5. StnCld316


    Topic for Helga. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  6. Why are VHTV and VV still Broadcasting their Russian Apartments. I think there's more to this RLC thing and has nothing to do with anything Russia has done.
  7. Henry Taking One for the Team. 😅
  8. I would say they'd likely be losing 50 to 60% of their Membership. When that happens then they'll start trimming to smaller Barcelona Apartments. Imagine having B4 with 7 Girls and have to Pay them each 2,000 Euro's a Month each and have the upkeep of paying the Bills and the Rent. It wouldn't fly for very long. It will take a lot more than Party Girls to keep RLC afloat. Nora & Kiko will actually have to bust their Ass off for a change to get more Apartments in Circulation or RLC will suffer a Fatal Collapse and be Out of Business. 8 Apartments might have been fine 7 or 8 Years ago when they began but in this Day and Age 8 Apartments won't keep them alive for very long. If they Cut the Girls Salary per Month they''ll all just walk and won't be seen again.
  9. It would be a shock for all the Tenants. Broadcasting One Day and the next day your scrambling trying to find a place to live.
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