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  1. A new girl Sophia has joined this Apartment with Annie.
  2. It likely has something to do with the Server. Whatever that is I don't know until I hear from Admin.
  3. I am aware of it all. I have an e-Mail sent to Admin when Cam Caps first went offline. Not much more I can do except wait for it to come back online.
  4. The site https://codingjungle.com is Offline. That's the reason for it not working. The Chat is just a Plugin so it's functionality is not powered by the RLCF Forum.
  5. The Archived Apartments of Reallifecam (RLC) & Voyeur-House.tv (VHTV) have been modified into years. The lists were becoming extensively long it was becoming quite a chore to complete simple tasks when changes needed to be made. This should make the Archives easier to navigate for all.
  6. I have seen a few others with bruises on them as well. Some just bruise easier than others.
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