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    2. TigetJackson
    3. Alittle


      nope. don't so that either.

    4. TigetJackson


      Well I think your only option after that is to go out on the streets to your local dispensary and get some needles to deliver to the homeless crackheads on the streets of Chicago.  You should then follow that up by working in the weee hours of the morning soup shops to provide them with their badly needed comfort food.

  2. Me reading the chat. 

    computer falling GIF

    1. Scorpio 22

      Scorpio 22

      Not the only one I'm sure lol. 

    2. Max 2017

      Max 2017

      Don't even need to read. Same people demanding the girls do this, that and the next thing. Where are they? Where have they been? One girl is the reason for things not going their way. Blah blah blah. 

  3. Watching me fall off the couch? ha ha... There is nothing real about RLC. The only real people was Nelly & Bog. i have never seen anything being fake with them. They are a great couple i think.
  4. but they are fake. You would be fool to believe it.
  5. I laughed so hard I fell off my couch.
  6. Still Shit.....Turning into full Ebola virus.

    1. jugghead


      I try to make your life more interesting...

  8. not suprised. She missed all attention. SMH......
  9. Yeahhhhhh........I would never pay $12 to join and you would never see me again. I can't afford to waste my money.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... Intimidating my ass!
  11. It's gonna be fun to watch the site slowly die........muahahahha. Word is being spread how much it sucks.
  12. Oh man.....where am I gonna get a good laugh now? Wow, RLC must be desperate for money for people to pay money to watch nose-picker slob and a pathetic wannabe pornstar with a big fat cottage cheese ass. LOL!
  13. I heard about that in chat. That is fucking disgusting!!! Those girls are nasty dirty pigs and don't respect other peoples things. If I was ever in that situation where I had roommates like that I would personally invest in a lock on the door where you need a key. Then if I ever catch someone that ever fucked in my bed, they better run or I will beat them with a baseball bat and I will throw their ass down the stairs. Or be subtle and just use their toothbrush to clean the dirty toilet and just smile when they use their toothbrush....I could come up with plenty of things for revenge. trust me, I had the best teachers.
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