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  1. Dasha Fan Page

    Looks like Dasha mooched herself back on RLC. Wonder if she will be wearing those ugly ass shorts she wore in the old Apt and that other site. Maybe Sasha stabbed it to death and threw it out the window.
  2. Hello ;) 

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    2. Alittle


      I rather swallow glass then shit it out? LOL.

    3. Scotsman84


      Brilliant lol. That would be more fun and probably more enjoyable to watch. lol

    4. Scotsman84


      Don't blame you the chat is bollocks.

  3. New Boobs.

    There are different locations where the implants can be inserted, under the breast, through the nipples, from the armpit and through upper stomach. It can get expensive, but every plastic surgeon is different and even sometimes you can pay alot of money and still get a shotty boob job done. I can tell you it will be a year or so for Masha's implants to settle completely. since it can take a really long time for scar tissue to soften depending on how the body heals. I am sorry, but too many people are so quick to judge on these things because they dont know the actual facts. Speculations are the worst. I'm talking through personal experience which I will not discuss because It is personal and I am a private person. And that's that.
  4. New Boobs.

    i was only saying if the incisions were there. your right, no one knows.
  5. New Boobs.

    hmm ok.
  6. New Boobs.

    How long ago did she have the surgery?
  7. New Boobs.

    The scarring will be minimal depending how the plastic surgeon sewed her skin together and after a while you won't really see them in the crease of the breast. Do you know if the incision was done under the breasts?
  8. New Boobs.

    If she did that for that reason, Kitty is a complete utter moron.
  9. New Boobs.

    I take you never felt fake boobs. LOL! It depends on the type of implant, size, how they heal and how they were implanted in the body. Most implants inserted in the body are behind the muscle in the breast area. They will be hard for a while until they drop, and heal properly. The only way I think they will be like stones if there is abundance of scar tissue after completely healing.
  10. Looking Good :). That is one sexy ass girl. 

    How are you?

    1. Lisa


      Have to agree. :P

    2. Plank


      Om nom nom nom !!!! :wub:

  11. Empty Chatbox.

    It's the same CRAP OVER AND OVER....the same 2 or 3 damn apartments all the time which is like beating a dead horse over and over. I agree what some one said if you don't have proof of your lame stupid speculations.....SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE. Trust me, I will question it. LOL! It makes me laugh because people are so obsessed over these 2 lame apartments. I am not a member and I wont be again. It's a waste. Although, i would like to see what the rest of the apartments look like because I am curious. I miss chatting with the crew (you know who you are ) But I seriously rather watch paint dry than chat.