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  1. delta10

    Excessive use of smart phones

    This is a few years ago but I recall a work colleague telling of when his son brought his girlfriend to visit. They would text back and forth all evening but when together had nothing to say and the father and mother had to do all the work to make any flowing conversation. At work it is the younger staff who can't leave their phones for long. I'm not in a position to monitor their work but don't see how it can not affect their concentration and the quality / accuracy of their work. I read an article suggesting that in a couple of generations there could be no face-to-face verbal conversation .......
  2. The current RLC owners / managers seem to be more tolerant on drugs. Just a guess but it seems like the only rule is ' Do not be seen handling and taking them ' Maybe I am out of touch but while alcohol is a drug I see it differently. So long as not an addiction / dependency the occasional heavy session usually has no long term health or lifestyle implications. The biggest risk is a fall with broken bones. I see drugs as a bigger risk. First there is the supply chain, the strength is normally by word of mouth rather than labelling and there is no traceability on purity. Second is the physical effect and stress on the body e.g. heart rate and counteracting the need to sleep and the effects of alcohol alone given they are mostly taken together. On RLC girls have been seen awake and active for well over 24 hours e.g. Stella just before her first departure and Lola at or around the same time. Third is the mental effect changing rational thinking more than a heavy drinking session. Fourth there potentially is more risk of addiction and once addicted the difficulty of breaking this. Wazzer and Dougiestyle4U are right to say that without drugs some shows would probably not have happened but I too think of the girls. I would rather not have the entertainment at the time if in some way a girls life is changed long term compared with a quiet day nursing a hangover and a few bumps and bruises from alcohol alone.
  3. Was it not the her first time on RLC after the ' Coke Boys ' at both B1 & B2 that, so it seemed, Stella ended up as the scapegoat ? Regardless she & Leo are in an apartment that already has a reputation use of the powder room.
  4. delta10

    Fan Page Gina

    Only one guess is needed .................. after all they have been seen recently. Note I typed ' they have ' rather than ' she has '.
  5. delta10

    Fan Page Gina

    RLC recruitment must be back to scraping the barrel again.
  6. We will probably never know if the RLC plan was for her to leave today, a few days ago but delayed or to stay for a while until the events of Saturday night then Wednesday night. Could Oksi have decided she didn't want to stay with Bea keeping changing from best friend and sex partner to enemy even with potential opportunities to see how far she could get with Elvira, Emilia, Laima and Malena ? As Iloner posted Oksi was key to GP being interesting viewing. Maybe she will return, IMO she ranks above many who have.
  7. delta10

    Fan Page Emily

    Emily must have found and felt a few lumps and bruises today that she didn't have 12 or so hours earlier. She was lucky not to have any more major injuries nor to have broken anything in the apartment. By the time I stopped watching Angie hadn't appeared for a while so I guess fallen into an alcohol assisted sleep. I didn't see Emily barf other than in the bathroom or kitchen sink but the air must not have smelt too fresh this morning.
  8. As I wrote my post yesterday the girls were at the kitchen table and all seemed fine. They were drinking but not like Saturday night. Just after I posted from chat Bea was in a temper throwing Oksi's toy out to another room where several of the girls had gone. Bea and Mila disappeared for a while during which time Oksi moved to Bea's bed. When Bea and Mila returned Bea asked Mila to evict Oksi. By now Bea ought to have worked out how Oksi thinks and acts and decide either to accept this so have some one-to-one time with Oksi or be clear that she can not handle Oksi spreading herself around and hence never wants Oksi in her bed or room. If Bea isn't careful she may be mostly isolated like when the other 4 girls went to B1 for the evening and stayed over.
  9. Oksi's background on friendships and relationships seems to be that all are equal. Given the opportunity from what we have seen she would be happily be in a different bed every night and with several others male and / or female. She doesn't seem to be able to understand why if she spends an intimate night with one person then the next night with another why the first then has bad feelings towards her. She seems naturally uninhibited too which then gets enhanced once powered by alcohol. Once into her stride and again more so when alcohol fuelled she does get heavy handed. She likes to give but doesn't seem bothered if she doesn't receive and sometimes outright rejects others who try to be intimate to her. Now she doesn't have her own room or bed so long as she doesn't get to the state of Saturday night again or otherwise really cause an upset the coming days could be interesting. Back to last Saturday again given how now Bea is friendly again and may have played a part in Oksi not leaving Bea's emotions and (over)reactions must be considered too.
  10. delta10

    RLC Slow

    For me either very slow to load or total failure to connect for most of the weekend. Earlier this evening connecting seemed much better but now slow again.
  11. delta10

    Fan Page Irma

    It was good to see Irma again. We did not see Alex or any guy other than Karol's BF. We did see that Nora is still around. For reopening this apartment RLC needed to bring a more mature group together due to past issues with the neighbours from loud music, noise and late night parties. The down side was perhaps Karol having BF and outside interests and Danaya usually needs motivating so much was down to Irma. Without her I doubt there would have been the various get-togethers. Had Kenny not spoilt several they may well have been more. Irma understands what makes RLC tick but equally doesn't have to really impress them now. From a viewers perspective RLC have still failed to recruit anyone else who can get groups together without being bossy or heavy handed about it.
  12. delta10

    Fan Page Danaya

    Iloner, One time Danaya did actually take the lead was was when Ilona was going away, home for her birthday?, and either she missed the flight or some other issue. Danaya set out the tea-light candles in her name on the table and tried to cheer her up. I remember the length of time she often took to get ready to go out too, this visit either I didn't notice or did she not make the same effort as mostly either they went out daytime or to another RLC apartment rather than clubs in the city. One girl, was it Adele as I can't remember ?, made big efforts to encourage her then when eventually Danaya decided to go always had to wait half an hour or more for her. Few would do that more than once.
  13. delta10


    A good pet for an RLC apartment.
  14. delta10


  15. From chat room posts it seems that when Oksi was shown video, presumably taken by one of the others on a phone, of last night she didn't know what she had done so implying she was in an alcoholic haze. This fits with her not being bothered about the others in the room rather taking taking the first guy, who then went to sleep, to her empty room nor being the only one topless afterwards and later allowing the drunk guy to play with her. Had he tried to go further again with the others, except Lily and her chosen guy who were in Oksi's room, around I'm sure she would not have blocked him. However she didn't seem to have any trouble moving around including the stairs or standing eating in the kitchen when they finally got three of the guys out the apartment. This implies that alcohol affects her mentally more than physically.