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  1. Right now after 2 nights ago and again tonight at B4 / GP Chris is following too closely in the footsteps of a previous B3 tenant ..................... He was larking around with Pam a while ago. She was noticeably wobbly and did fall hard backwards upsetting the furniture & decoration near the table. Tomorrow she'll probably wonder why she hurts and is bruised. Amalia didn't look too steady either. Both are now in the tub with some others, Karla may be one. Dani took the Scotch and coke up to them, at least Chris can not have any more from that bottle ... Chris is outside with Olya and not sure who else. As well past midnight and no signs of preparing to leave it looks like Chris & Amalia plus Pam and Dani will be crashing somewhere in GP again. .... just about to post when Chris can staggering in to the loo. He went back but then they all came in. He produced another bottle of booze from his rucksack. He just does not know when to stop. Some of the girls who had been in the tub including Karla & Pam came down. Pam still wobbly and made a hash of putting a top on. Chris has just staggered in again holding his shorts and wet so been in the pool. If they don't give up and settle down someone will get badly hurt and / or something will be broken.
  2. For ages now getting a good connection right away is rare. Sometimes OK for a while if you stay on the camera but move and back to the dots, blank screen or RTMP error even on empty apartments. I struggle to understand why so many keep resubscribing. The reality is while enough do there will be no incentive to invest in the system.
  3. To my pleasant surprise when I looked in an hour or so ago B1 was back live with Daniela and Pam's names plus a guest room although empty. I really thought it was the end when they plus Karla arrived at B4 / GP late yesterday evening. They are still there now. Amalia and Mike are there too. If all except Karla don't club together for a cab back to the centre either it will be really cosy in the beds and on the sofa or some will be on the floor. Two girls already share a bed and there are two more I doubt will either get together so others can have a bed or share their bed. B1 started again with more mature non constant party girls and can never be loud late night / all night party central without complaints. Just because RLC tenants have no commitments and can sleep all day the neighbours lifestyles will be different. What exactly went on yesterday and until back live we will never know ..... pacifying the neighbours ...... repairing broken internet equipment - but then why move the girls so late ? ........... some other issue ...........
  4. A few drinks to relax, calm any nerves and even prologue the fun then remembering next day a fun evening / night is reasonable. Getting to a state beyond being capable of reasonably rational thinking and decision making, needing substances to counteract the alcohol and stay awake, actually being able to realistically perform then not remember anyway I just don't see the point of. When already getting paid food & accommodation plus money in the bank getting into a state where animal instincts take over to get extra cash is sad. Mostly when the girls individually or as a group do toy shows, massage and more primarily for money rather than pleasure they are at least making a choice they are in control of.
  5. delta10


    I can't think of anything seen recently on RLC that could possibly have prompted you to find and up load this ........................
  6. Pam, Daniela and Karla are at GP / B4 now with luggage cases despite no spare rooms or beds. I've got to get to bed now so hopefully someone will post the sleeping arrangements. They have a bottle of wine out but unlikely much will happen beyond chat. Time will tell but right now too much Tequila, loud music and other late night / early morning noise and antics appears to have resulted in the sudden demise of B1
  7. Amalia & Chris officially listed at B3. With B1 offline for so long plus comments about her climbing on the balcony railing I wondered if RLC were terminating her contact then when they appeared at B3 my initial thought was that her + BF were just crashing at B3 while they planned their next move. While I was intermittently watching she seemed to drink rather less than Daniela & Chris but thinking back to when she first arrived recall she appeared more drunk than the others having consumed a similar amount.
  8. One of the best comments on RLCF for a while 👍
  9. A core difference between how, mostly at least, those viewing see this and what is logically the right way forward for U&M and what they will be thinking and perhaps discussing is the loss of free board & lodgings plus money in the bank against what each has to otherwise return or move on to. I hope Marat is never seen again on RLC or another voyeur site.
  10. I was glancing in earlier in the evening then more up to just after 01:00 local time when the guy came back down. As I type this B1 is offline and from a posted comment has been most of the day. The first bottle of Tequila seemed to be shared around but, as I saw anyway, it was Daniela and Amalia's BF who did shots with most of the second. I'm surprised either was still capable of being vertical, him not being able to perform was inevitable. We don't know what if anything about a threesome had been discussed or planned but while still semi-sober they should have realised much more strong booze would spoil it. I did not see any real opportunity for using substances except when they went to buy the second bottle. With the both the archive and load more comments features of chat now lost for now at least what happened later is unknown .....
  11. Right now, for me anyway, ' Load More ' has disappeared completely - maybe this is while the Developer is working on the issue ?
  12. Indeed some padding is needed between skin and bone, as I've commented about Nelly and in the past when I watched Anabel.
  13. Thanks again. I've been using ' Load More ' at the top of the live chat. While not too much going on it works well enough but the Archive is ( was ) easier if 10+ pages added.
  14. Fine if they are naturally a large frame so still shapely and toned but regardless once they have eaten too many pies and downed too many pints resulting in a stomach hanging out, flabby wobbly butt etc not for me.
  15. delta10


    Funny to watch but not for the girls..
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