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  1. I've seen a few ' sights ' in UK stores but nothing as bad as these, presumably, USA examples.
  2. I dread to think how some of the female of the human species with their ' enhancements ' and tattoos will look if they live to 70, 80 ..... Care workers will need a strong constitution.
  3. While I'm seeing nothing I feel for Jess being with Stella & Sara behaving and consuming as outlined in the posts over the last week or so. No girl should have to lock themselves in their room to night to feel safe from the other tenants and guests they invite. I've forgotten who else was in B1 when she was there before but overall recall she wanted to mix and fit in nor was selfish. She wanted some time alone to do her webcamming but overall it was a small amount of time.
  4. Surely a brown underwear moment ......
  5. For the first time in several days I opened RLC earlier. On the thumbnails of the free cams not one person to be seen and virtually no activity on the other thumbnails. I closed RLC again and won't rushing for another look.
  6. A sandwich short of a picnic A few bricks short of a full load Not the full quid Not the brightest light on the Christmas tree The elevator does not go to the top floor A few cards short of a full deck Not the sharpest knife in the draw
  7. delta10

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    What, Exactly, are cats? 1. Cats do what they want, when they want. 2. They rarely listen to you. 3. They're totally unpredictable. 4. They whine when they are not happy. 5. When you want to play they want to be left alone. 6. When you want to be alone, they want to play. 7. They expect you to cater to their every whim. 8. They're moody. 9. They leave their hair everywhere. 10. They drive you nuts. Conclusion: Cats are small women in fur coats.
  8. delta10

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    I guess USA is different to UK. Here AFAIK nothing required. I guess in theory if the culprit is caught red handed or can be identified they could be taken to court but first the costs and second do they have any means to pay.
  9. delta10

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  10. delta10

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    Why they should have to prove competence and have insurance.
  11. From a business viewpoint one side of the coin is if you are running close to sustainable capacity from paying trade overloading by continuing with freebie promotions is not logical not least if you paying trade does not remain loyal due to poor service. The other side of the coin is that even if you maintain your level of service inevitably a proportion of your paying trade will fall away for various reasons out of your control. Hence to maintain your level of trade you still need to attract some new trade. If you cease all the freebie promotions or drastically reduce them will you still attract a level of new trade to balance that which falls away ?
  12. For me the bottom line is regardless of how interesting the viewing is I only have limited time each week. The membership fee then tokens on top to view what has happened at times I can not watch live is far too expensive per hour. If there was another option that bought so many hours without expiry or with a long expiry and it included replay then I would consider if to me value for money. For now when time to watch I'll be looking around other sites both for activity that is worth following and the connection reliability / consistency. Back last year when connecting to RLC was relatively reliable I found it better than most others. Right now RLC connectivity seems just as bad as for the last few months. Had I only found RLC today I doubt if I would keep looking in. If that is typical RLC management will soon find a fall in the number of new subscriptions. Logically they will then restore more apartments to preview.
  13. For several months now getting a connection has at best been inconsistent and at worst impossible even to an empty apartment so now RLC will have reduced traffic. The other side of the coin is, to my thinking anyway, the need to show enough to tempt subscribers. I think now totally locking far more apartments and generally the more popular ones will work against this. The balance would be limiting viewing time both per apartment and across the site. Time will tell if at least some of the locked apartments get restored to open viewing.
  14. I've just looked and for me using Firefox ' Load More ' is there either scrolling to bottom of the block of messages showing if the page is set so the latest entry is at the top or at the top if set so that the latest entry is at the bottom. I do mostly use the archive scanning though to pick up anything significant that has been seen on RLC amongst the general banter so appreciate having it back again. As I've posted many times IMO comments would be better placed on the appropriate forum pages but so few do so.
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