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  1. Fan Page Ilona & Tim

    She doesn't show much now, at least in the living room. Rarely less than a top and shorts then often under the blanket. Yana wears joggers like uniform. B1 is no better as often like a pajama party.
  2. This could be on any of the B1 or B2 pages. Once upon a time it was normal when B1 visited B2 or vice-vera for the guests to get down to their undies soon after arrival or change. Last night just Nita took off her jumper and sat in her bra. For B1 Regina was in a shirt and knickers but no bra, Sher again shirt and knickers but the shirt was too closed to see if a bra or not and Renata in a crop top braless, her grey shorts with half her bum out and knickers underneath. If Leona and Nita had stayed and the wine kept flowing maybe Renata would have got then stripped down but no chance with Vicki and Angelika. If anyone had tried to strip off Renata after perhaps a little hard-to-get she would probably had allowed. In the end she took of her shorts then top herself. Regi mostly had a wine glass in one hand . B3 are as bad. When at B1 Ilona was often naked or just a robe. Now at least in the lounge she is normally dressed and often huddled undr the blanket too. Earlier Yana was just in undies but soon dressed in a top and shorts, at least a change from her ' uniform ' grey joggers.
  3. Belle or Irma?

    Hmmm Belle was fun first time around with Anna but things then went downhill until she eventually officially moved to B2. Second time around got off to a bad start at the first night party with the comment that intentionally or otherwise that she heard from Gina/Lia/Mia. Irma understands about ' paying the rent ' by entertaining the viewer. At the beginning of this year she seemed to have an ongoing health issue, more than once it seemed she took the approach that the show must go on and paid the price for days afterwards. Also we had the visits from fruit-and-veg man Beardo which with the age gap seemed creepy. With either the other girls are key too for how interesting the viewing is. However, like Cowart, I prefer to see new girls. I agree it is interesting watching the first days to see how they adapt and relax but they need to continue being interesting. It is the latter part RLC seemed to be struggling with.
  4. They got through the two bottles quite fast. Renata took the lead but Regi didn't exactly resist at all. If they had kept drinking and hence their inhibitions suppressed when they came back down maybe Renata would have encouraged Regi to get her tongue working between her legs and / or use the toy instead of having to eventually satisfy herself.
  5. That is Regina all over, all take and no give.
  6. It was Tereza that Renata really disliked after her comment about Renata's lifestyle but it was very wrong of Regina & Sher to have Tereza back in the apartment. We don't know how much Renata knew of the comments and reactions behind her back. Another possible influence on last night was wine goggles. They started on the wine before Sher went out but Regina & Renata had most of two bottles. Regina is relative immune to alcohol but Renata perhaps less so.
  7. Fan Page Regina

    Yep ..... I wonder if Ilona has any connections with RLC management now ?
  8. No harmony at B1 now .... Renata went out to the balcony, then a bath/shower and is now in her room. Regina had a snack and is now crashed out on the sofa. Sher had quick bath/shower, did her makeup then went out in a long shirt dress and heels. Meanwhile at B3 all 4 are in the lounge, although 3 occupied with their phone and Tim is on the laptop.
  9. Nelly Fan Page

    The difference between being fueled by alcohol and whatever they might have been smoking and the next morning when it has worn off ?
  10. Fan Page Regina

    She has to trowel it on thick to plaster over the blemishes ..... if she cut back on the food & wine maybe in time she would need to use less.
  11. I saw them too before looking here and was very surprised. Yesterday I too saw Renata with Regi & Sher in Sher's room for a while. Just a couple of days ago Renata left B1 quickly then Tereza turned up. IMO Regi and Sher were totally disrespectful inviting her, if they wanted to meet it should have been elsewhere. I still think Regi outwardly talks and acts friendly with whoever best suits her at the time but has no loyalty and Sher's priority is not falling out with Regi. There is food and wine on the table to tuck into. Regi & Sher aren't going to get looking less like piggies and have bums looking more like Renata's unless they change their diet. I wonder what opinion Ilona will herself form of Regi rather that based mostly on what Renata has told her ?
  12. Fan Page Regina

    To leave this weekend would be better still.
  13. Fan Page Tereza

    Cowart. I agree with your opinion of Regina and Sher.
  14. Fan Page Tereza

    She is back yet again at B1 with Sher Regina is reported very unwell but of course she still pulls the strings on Sher. Renata was at B2 most likely because Tereza was at B1, maybe after the B3 visit to B1 either she has outstayed her welcome at B3 or knows she will get little sympathy having not stood her ground? Regardless it is totally wrong for Renata to have to either retreat to her room or leave the apartment because of someone who is not a tenant being there.