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  1. It is now around 45 days since Ginger arrived and she still stuck with Sera despite well over 100 days since her arrival. Even if Sera went tomorrow I wonder how much Sera has toned down Ginger's initial attitude ?
  2. While once Gina is well under the influence she doesn't care what she shows and might even sit on Rus's lap ( or any guy who is around ) that is as far as things will go. The triplets have always been tease and no more.
  3. Sadly Ginger still only has the options of being alone or with Sera plus she doesn't want to risk a fallout with Sera. I was hoping Sera would have left last week so Ginger could do as she pleased whenever she wanted since I don't see Angelina interfering. A step up would be the two of them being closer. Then mix in a new girl who wants company and is playful but doesn't constantly want to dominate. A real bi or lesbian girl would be the icing on the cake.
  4. I'm using i5 and still often issues. Sometimes, my guess is when few watching, all is fine so not a computer or internet speed limitation my end. Far to often difficult even to get a connection, just the dots and after waiting the message time-out or RTMP error or not even the dots but just a black window.
  5. When Gina and the twins were playing beer pong Sera shut them down in the end sitting at the long side of the table and putting her legs on the table. Right now she is playing with Ginger, Kylie and Rus ........... Gina bought a set but presumably left it when she moved to B2.
  6. delta10


    One remedy for constipation !!!
  7. The visit was strange with the guest girl out with Sera but not Ginger then the next ( final ) evening alone with Kylie and Rus. I wonder how an evening with her, Gina and Stella plus a bottle or two of Jager would have ended ? Ginger is back to either being alone or with Sera. Once Sera leaves, hopefully soon, will Gina & friends let her join with them at least sometimes ?
  8. Tonight Gina has won control of the lounge at B1 while Sera with her troupe have retreated to her room rather than her usual tactic of shutting down whatever Gina has planned. Hopefully just a few days now until Sera departs.
  9. delta10


    For those old enough to remember they could be Ken Dodd's Diddy Men ....
  10. Rubberman, I've made my views on Sera clear on her thread. While the visiting girl arrived with Ginger and like others presumed a friend I now wonder what her connections and objectives are.
  11. I don't remember Kylie. It is possible that if RLC advised that her and Rus were replacing Jenn & Frank that Stella & Leo chose to leave.
  12. After Sera's small birthday party, with Gina joining for the cake, Sera & Ginger's friend went out while Ginger cleared up then satisfied herself. Today Ginger was home alone while her friend turned up alone at B3 and Sera arrived back at B1. I wondered if Ginger was growing tired of Sera but now is with her on her bed. Neither Ginger or her friend are shy as if they have done something similar to RLC or some form of adult entertainment before. Her friend may well know some of the girls too.
  13. I was surprised they left so soon given most now stay at least 60 days. Gina will be missing Stella as the twins don't party as hard and so often. Twice we sat Stella crash while Gina was there and last week the mid-week Jager fuelled party at B2 followed by the final Friday party at B3 and out after overcame Gina. While my first choice is always interesting and active new girls I would sooner see Stella with or without Leo again than many others.
  14. No need to close shop, just evict Sera and Gina then get two decent and like minded housemates for Ginger. Most likely RLC would see their bank accounts benefit too.
  15. At the B3 hosted party last night she was necking an assortment of drinks until every bottle was empty. She did not return direct to B1 so logically she was out to the bars with B3 then back there to get her scooter and finally to B1. I wonder if drunk in charge of a scooter is an offence in Barca ? Every time I looked earlier today she was in bed. Now she has scootered round to B3 but looks to have a major hangover, so different from 24 hours ago. With cases packed both couples could be leaving and if so the reason for the big party last night.
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