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  1. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Plank I think Serena knew full and well Alan was available and she purposely pissed the guy off home so she could "play" , I noticed she felt his Package thru his trousers and after that it was all down hill for him - LOL .
  2. Mira & Henry

    All good my friends, I guess We are all on the same page- . I saw Henry and Mira in the bath together , checking out 'potential' friends, I suppose they all have their Bio's and know what to expect when choosing . Lets hope Mira has a say as I agree she has been missing out lately - lol.
  3. Mira & Henry

    That Couple has been at Mira's before, and all had a good Fucking night after the card game. Nice to have friends over , a meal , cards , and just enjoy the Social Intercourse for a change. Voyeurism is the expectation of what may culminate , it is different to the so, so predictable Porn . Come on Fellas, or Voyeurs, be nice .
  4. texl01

    It seems Maya is working 24/7 on her models to sell and get some money in hand, That Money will allow her to " FLY the Coupe " Perhaps ??
  5. Wot us texl01... long time no see

    1. texl01


      Gidday Nick, I have been  about in moderation , I must admit,  I guess the time differences are opposite. A little respite does one good to 'refresh. :)

    2. Nickrivers


      True that...

      Time differences do play a part.  When I get time to look, everyone's in bed...asleep and that's no fun.  Be good!


  6. Site Outage

    Thanks Admin, I am relieved we are back and running. I was ever so worried and having RLCF withdrawals ,