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Found 2 results

  1. I just watched Linda and Tibor's apartment, and I saw Linda watching a Survivor show. So I googled, and I found the current season airing in Czech Republic was the one she was watching. Not sure if they are from Czech or if the current apartment is located in Czech Republic ? This is the same apartement as Karel and Anezka, did anyone know the location back then ?
  2. WingCommander

    Apartment Location

    G'Day Guys and gals, I have seen many individual speculation or facts about where the apartments are located. I realize that there is a privacy issue, but would it be a problem to know the town and country each apartment is in? I am curious because of the standard of furnishings and layout The apartments range from rather pokey to luxurious. From what I have gleaned from this site, the apartments I think I know are: Leora and Paul - Siberia Maya and Stepan - Dasha and Demid - ? (in the same complex as Nellie and Bogdan) Nina and Kira - Zoya and Lev - Russia? Carla and Mario -Spain? Adriana and Daniel - ? Carina and Sabrina - Italy? Susan and Hector - Nellie and Bogdan - ? Masha and Sasha - ? Danaya, Adele, Aida and Vika - Barcelona, Spain Kristy and Kamila - Moscow, Russia Anezka and Karel - Russia??? Love to have some definite replies to these. Thanks.