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Found 1 result

  1. As it should have become obvious - the main chatter is about Barca 1, Barca 2 and KK & ? apartments. Some of us got tired of hearing the same crap day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day ...... Some of us would like to use the chatbox to stay in touch with others and discuss other apartments/tenants or other voyeur sites but the current chatbox is a waste of time trying to butt in and spoil the petty discussions. Most older RLCF members (been here at least 1 and 1/2 years or longer) miss the ability to chat on more friendly terms with each other and have our own respectful chatbox. YES, it has come to this extreme or sunk to this level. The chatbox is a valuable part of RLCF but currently it is only suitable for a small amount of members. As you can see by now most older members sit on the sidelines and peek in once in a while or gradually lose interest and quit logging onto RLCF. I am sure this IS NOT what you want to happen. As I asked long time ago but no answer back - how many of the approximate 22,646 registered members are currently still being active within the last six months? Don't you want continued participation? Hey RLCF Admin can you consider this or at least in a future upgrade? Could you please respond back soon. Just have some consideration for those that want to chat with others but not have to continuously hear about the few apartments that are always being talked about. Older members have a much wider scope of topics to discuss while being totally respectful with each other. Think back or check your files for older members that are still out there like Dazzan, Plank, Blaster, Robwin and so on (my memory is too short to remember everyone) but the good times and gut busting laughs were priceless, cherished and dearly missed. How about it RLCF? Do you want RLCF to continue to grow (especially with the limited Gallery due to the DMCA takedown)? What we are asking is for you, RLCF Admin, to please help us older respected members to stay in touch with each other by allowing us a separate Chatbox. I am sure that I speak for all the other frustrated "feel left out" members that would gladly jump back in and be a bigger part of RLCF. Might need certain restrictions or guidelines when setting up another chatbox (for example, being a member for at least 1 and 1/2 years, permission to be included, any disrespect shown they can be removed as a participant, etc). Just need something for us and I feel it is about time that this should be considered NOW.
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